Mr William Chan

Facade Design Engineer
Qualifications: Morrison Hill Technical Institute - Diploma in Building Studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic - Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering
Hong Kong Polytechnic - BSc (Honor) in Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health
Hong Kong Polytechnic - MSc in Environmental Management and Engineering
Key Details: After graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic with a higher diploma in Civil Engineering, William entered the design and manufacturing steel structures. In 1996 he moved on into the field of design engineering for facades and complex facade structures. Parallel to improving design skills he became involved in project management.

He further improved his 3D CAD ability following joining Josef Garner within the design office under taking design and drawings preparation. Later William took the design project management lead for projects. His core involvements here were shop facades, high-rise facades and metal claddings where he implemented rather diverse systems of unitized, stick and semi unitized curtain walls. Due to his established knowledge in 3D he was retained on the complicated projects or components of large projects.

William joined HS&A in 2008.


Major Project Involved in Curtain Walls

  • Junfield Plaza (Beijing)
  • Mayor Mansion (Guangzhou)
  • Times Square (Shanghai)
  • China Merchant Securities (Shenzhen)
  • Qianhai MTR Depot Phase 3, (Shenzhen)
  • Pioneer Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Concordia Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Cathay City (Hong Kong)
  • Kowloon Station Podium Works (Hong Kong)
  • Hermes Headquarters Dosan Park (Korea)
  • Chong Hing Bank (Hong Kong)
  • One Island East (Hong Kong)
  • Hung Hom Hotel & Office Extension (Hong Kong)
  • Tung Chung Retail Development TCTL11 (Hong Kong)
  • No. 35 Barker Road Villa and glass conservatory (Hong Kong)
  • Commercial development Wang Yuen Street, Lot No. 6311 New Kowloon Island (Hong Kong)