Mr Rioven Fontillas

Facade & Cladding Design Engineer
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering,
Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines
Key Details: After graduating in Civil Engineering in 1988, Rioven entered the field of curtain wall and window engineering in the Philippines. He commenced in the capacity of structural engineer, working as well as factory supervisor to gain hands-on knowledge of production. This dual role led him to efficiently pick up on the design specifics when offered to extend to curtain wall design.

Having spent over 5 years with Middle East Corporations in the mid 1990s as Senior Designer, he is well versed with the mode of operation in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

On return from the Middle East he joined the Asian offices of European curtain wall firms Rinaldi Structal and MBM with the opportunity to work in their European Head Offices, providing him with an opportunity to further enlarge his knowledge of design, details and possibilities offered in Europe. In 2001 he settled in Hong Kong as Senior Design Engineer with Josef Gartner, specializing in complex curtain wall system designs. His main tasks were to combine structural engineering requirements with the aesthetic aspects. First were all non typical podium and entrance areas on Taipei Financial Centre. Following successful implementation of the irregular 3D tension cable net system on Three Pacific Place, his main involvement became tension cable structures within the Permasteelisa / Gartner Group.

Rioven joined HS&A in 2006.


Major Project Involved in Curtain Walls

  • Salmaiya Building (Kuwait)
  • SCECO Building (Jeddah)
  • Al Harithy Building (Jeddah)
  • Terminal 3 of Manila Airport (Philippines)
  • RCBC (Manila, Philippines)
  • Enterprise / HSBC Center (Manila, Philippines)
  • Taipei Financial Centre (Taiwan)
  • Three Pacific Place, Tension Cable Glass Wall (Hong Kong)
  • Union Square Podium at Kowloon Station (Hong Kong)
  • 39 Conduit Road
  • 28 Hennessy Road
  • Ras Laffan (Doha)
  • ICC Chengdu Towers (Chengdu)
  • Commercial development Harmony, Causeway Bay (Hong Kong)
  • Residential development TMTL 423, Area 48 Castle Peak Road, So Kwun Wat (Hong Kong)
  • Residential development KIL No. 11228, Ho Man Tin (Hong Kong)