Design Stage

  • Design Facades efficiently and coordinate and integrate within the professional team.
  • Integrate with the client's team and maintain the intent of the brief, develop cost containment, up grade and improvement strategies.
  • Design panelized or handset stone wall cladding
  • Develop the facade access strategies. From experience this is too often neglected resulting in buildings with only partial access, thus long term eroding value due to insufficient or impossible maintenance.
  • Complete tender drawings, tender specification to minimize client's risk.
  • Consider the long term material science aspects to compatibility, serviceability and warranties.
  • Establish computer generated facade models for design visualization but as well in order to assess the thermal properties and room lighting levels with consideration of different glass or shading devices.

Review Stage

  • Evaluate the tender submissions and evaluate the submissions with the professional team.
  • Following award work with the appointed subcontractor to establish the expected level of quality.
  • Review and comment on contractors shop drawings, calculations and material submissions.
  • Review and improve where appropriate the proposed contractor's production facilities and working methods.
  • Review the production of the prototype and installation at the testing facility.
  • Review the testing of the mock up specimen and report on it.
  • Review and improve where appropriate the proposed contractor's installation and on site working methods.

Production and Installation Inspections

  • Factory inspection, risk assessment and quality evaluation at source such as detailed technical follow up 'on the ground' for suppliers of glass, stone, extrusions or paint application. Equally a detailed management overview of the procurement process and component lists.
  • Site inspections of the methods in installation, handling, sealing etc. Together with the review of appropriate on site testing and risk assessment and quality evaluation.
  • Working together with the building architect and structural engineer in non design conditions, for example in case of excessive tolerances on facade anchorage embed components.

Diagnostic and Facade Maintenance

  • Inspection of existing building facades, glass walls, panels and stone claddings, windows or balustrades, reporting on the possible rectification to identified problems, structural suitability or the potential of modification and upgrades.
  • Inspection of existing facades, glass walls, panels and stone claddings, windows or balustrades and reporting on the technical status of them. Prepare advise on the options, essential maintenance, refurbishments or replacements to be carried out.
  • Inspection of existing building facades and offering independent expert opinion on the state of the facade.
  • Document, tender and inspection of the work carried out.

Specialist Services

(carried out in association cooperation with specialists in their respective field)

  • Material selection, product development
  • Factory and production inspections
  • Thermal product evaluation
  • Acoustic evaluation of components
  • Design management, risk management
  • 3D design modeling , technical modeling, photo realistic modeling

Building Access Equipment

  • Principal design and layout of the building access strategy using rooftop and tower mounted Building Maintenance Equipment (BMU).
  • Integration of the BMU with the Facade, Building Services and Architectural Requirements